“You’re braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.”

- A.A. Mine


Shelley Balla-Hawkins

My name is Shelley Balla-Hawkins and I am the owner of The Nest: A Gathering Place. I have the honor of helping people nurture their best selves and live their best lives.

I believe that true and deep healing involves a compassionate understanding of and care for the whole person, mind, body, and soul. My approach to whole person care is integrative, weaving together the wisdom and practices of psychology, modern science and ancient traditions.

My work empowers people to be active in their own wellness:

  • Developing and tapping into their strengths and abilities
  • Cultivating a practice of whole person care
  • Creating a beneficial perspective to take in the good
  • Fostering healthy systems of support
  • Creating a personal well-being tool kit for lifelong healing and growth.

If this sounds like a good fit for you or if you would like to learn more, I welcome hearing from you.


What The Nest Means to Me


Are you…
  • Feeling stuck with no clear idea of where to go from here or how to feel better?
  • Feeling depleted, as if your tank is low, and you have little to give to yourself and others?
  • Feeling disconnected from yourself, others, and experiences you love?
  • Unsure of what you truly want and need?
  • At a life transition and want to make a healthy, lasting change to live your best life?
  • Ready to focus on yourself, and as a result, strengthen the relationships you have with family and friends?
  • In need of trusted support and guidance?

Do you want to…
  • Feel better?
  • Want to live a life meaning, purpose and joy?
  • Flourish instead of merely surviving or getting through the day?
  • Make your dreams a reality? 

tea and candle

My name is Shelley Balla-Hawkins and I am here to help. I nurture wellness, connection and creativity and specialize in helping people to overcome challenges and cultivate a life of meaning, purpose and joy.  I have the incredible pleasure of owning The Nest: A Gathering Place, where I have intentionally created a tranquil and beautiful space to help you do your healing work. 
I can help you…
  • Create and lead a more vibrant and inspired life.
  • Heal authentically and deeply in a way that allows hardship, pain and trauma to transform you instead of limit you.
  • Find and nurture your authentic self
  • Deepen your connection to yourself and others and engage in healthy relationships.
  • Explore and develop your creativity.
  • Go beyond a quick fix for lasting resolution, giving you effective, practical tools you can use for a lifetime of benefit. 

I invite you to peruse my website in hopes that it can help you gain a deeper sense of what you can expect through the services I offer.  

My best to you, 

Shelley Owner, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist


I look forward to hearing from you!